Welcome to GRAINROCK specialists in granite


GRAINROCK is specialized in quarrying and processing of granite products for exterior architecture. Since the company was founded, in 2014, GRIANROCK has built a solid reputation among those who demand the very best in granite. Combining modern technology together with the finest traditional craftsmen, GRAINROCK is today at the forefront of the granite processing industry. The company has been using its expertise to supply a wide range of granite realizations to overall World.

Short delivery times
GRAINROCK is familiar with the different standards of today and the real need for meeting agreed deadlines. A large scale manufacturing capability and large permanent stocks ensure that the right quality is delivered with reliability on short notice.

Guaranty of continued supplying
One of the most important challenges in the field of the granite industry is to guaranty the continued supplying of a particular type of granite for a long future period. Thanks to its various quarries GRAINROCK keeps a very large reserve of different granites, ensuring the delivery of each particular type for several generations.

Granite, a perpetual value
Granite’s outstanding strength, durability and natural beauty have for centuries been recognised, making it one of the most suitable materials for use in landscaping and building applications, specially for areas where high wear resistance and natural harmony are requirements. In fact, it is hard to find a material that would be more long-lasting and easier to maintain than granite making it one of the most cost effective materials. Aesthetic potential of granite combined with its versatility gives the architects and planners great scope, allowing them the creation of imaginative schemes for traffic roads, pedestrian areas, building edifications, etc.